Are these assumptions are reflected in the new act? To what extent they will apply the guidelines developed in 2015? Which of the proposed solutions are adopted, and which modified? Is the new law actually reconcile the interests of taxpayers and the state? We’ll find out for two months already. – To be effective advertising on the network we should put it in there, where it will no longer viewed, regardless of the percentage of its visibility. It should also take care of good visibility logo. With video ads do not forget the audio – Anna said Pear, Chief Digital Officer, IPG Mediabrands.Ale what to do to so effectively your ad to appear in general to be displayed by the user?

The average modern consumer has contact with nearly 3-5 thousands of marketing information of a day. It is therefore not surprising that trying to run away from the next ad network using AdBloka. – People do not want to watch ads, and you have to accept that. It is worth remembering that make them not only the standard of advertisers but we also have the ubiquitous advertising in social media – Paul said Loedl, Strategy Direktor VML in Poland. See also: IAB Forum 2016: « Marketing a lot of talking but not enough listening. » Time to change the rules « Increasingly, the choice of brand users are not the objective evidence but become an important part of the excitement. Thus, according to experts, in order to effectively reach customers you need to start to create a non-advertising. Something that will allow the user to obtain additional value from the watch a movie, deliver extra excitement, allow him to identify with the brand on an emotional level, not just informacyjnym.Przykładem such ads is the « Michelin Guide » (in principle tire manufacturer), but also more by offering contemporary clothing company Nike FIT armbands (clothing company turns to technology), IKEA kitchen, kitchen IDEA Hub Lidl. Only the creation of additional value in the ads, so that interested customers can allow a reduction in the use of AdBloków network.

Minister of Agriculture, together with the Prime Minister Matthew Morawieckim took part in the press conference, which took place on the road on the route Wschowa – Konradowo. « For those farmers who have the greatest losses – over 70 percent – and these are the losses which threaten the very serious financial consequences for the survival of the farm, we used the help of one thousand zlotys per hectare, « – said Ardanowski.Zaznaczył that the European Union is quite precisely determines that the full aid can benefit those who are ubezpieczeni.Dla those farmers who have smaller losses, but exceeding 30 percent, « will also be used to aid per hectare, » – he stressed. « To learn the exact rate, we need to know what is the precise status of these losses, and then it will be an additional supplement Regulation that this amount will show » – said Ardanowski.Zwracał attention to the declaration made by the Prime Minister Morawiecki that those farmers who have been affected by natural phenomena They will not be left alone. He stressed that the declarations of the Prime Minister and Council of Ministers decisions « are good news for Polish farmers. » « We are on the side of the state, on the side of the government, we are ready to compensate the damage. As you will, we make amendments to the budget law, because the payment of compensation to farmers for us is fundamentally important » – said the head of the government at a press conference, which took place on the road route Wschowa – Konradowo. He recalled that at Tuesday’s meeting of the government adopted a program of aid to farms and fishing this year, hit by the drought or flood. Morawiecki noted that payments to farmers linked to the starts caused by drought will be « heavily than 0.5 billion zł, will fluctuate around 700-800 million zł. » « Agriculture, agri-food industry is the foundation of our economy. I can not imagine a strong Polish Polish economy without a strong agriculture and agri-food industry « – said premier.Dodał that the government will support this sector and develop in different ways. « Agriculture increasingly combined with innovation and innovation.

We want to be modern, to associate the Polish village (…) with great success, because in the end the Polish countryside feeds us, feeds and is the do my homework assignment for me basis for Polish exports. We are proud of our farmers « – said the prime minister Morawiecki. Prime Minister appealed to all municipalities to fairly and efficiently estimated the damage caused to crops. He pointed out that in the province. Kuyavian-144 only two municipalities have provided information on palatine. estimated damage. The purpose of the proposed amendments is to extend for 2019.

Solutions used in 2018. Consisting of enabling the farmers applying for direct payments and payments area within the framework of the Rural Development Program (RDP) filing – instead of an application for these payments – a declaration of their It confirms no change compared to the application submitted the previous year – the explanatory memorandum to the draft. See also: Feeds GMOs still allowed to use. The next two years »According to the authors of this amendment, in the last year, such a solution has simplified the procedure for applying for a surcharge. Poland, like the other EU countries, has an obligation to the so-called implementation. nonspatial application.

As a result of Poland derogation such requests must implement by 2020. In 2018. At least 25 percent. Proposals must be submitted in electronic form, and in 2019. it is to be 75 per cent. Just as in 2018. Declaration would mean applying for the same payment as the previous year. Farmers will be able to make statements from February 15 to March 14 on a form developed by the Agency for Restructuring and Modernization of Agriculture.

With the submission of the declaration will benefit farmers whose holdings were no changes in relation to the application completed in 2018. Last year, the statement instead of 400 thousand applications submitted. farmers, it is estimated that this year will use a similar amount, which is 30 percent. all beneficiaries of direct payments. The potential number of eligible is approx. 750 thousand. people. Statements are then transferred by the Agency’s staff to the system, which is considered by the EC as an electronic application submission.

Last year, e-applications has made 900 thousand. farmers. A land area covered by the form bezprzestrzennym amounted to almost 90 percent. the total area declared for payments. It is estimated that in 2019. Will be achieved similar volume. The direct payments applied for approx. 1 million 350 thousand. farmers. See also: offensive municipalities in the fight against farms »The draft law proposes to also undertake the Agency for Restructuring and Modernization of Agriculture to transfer all farmers partially completed applications paper with graphic materials.

The law will enter into force on the day following the date of announcement Varied and deterministic network services capabilities are a key element in the development of applications in the industry 5G. Huawei is the first company in the industry, which proposed deterministic network. Through the use of key technologies, including Native Cloud, distributed architecture, dynamic, intelligent network Slicing and diverse, ultra-efficient MEC 5G network deterministic assumptions of a single cloud. This approach allows you to meet the diverse needs of the network and deterministic SLA obligations in all sectors in order to provide the optimal user experience, promote innovation in applications and przysłużenia to thousands of industries. « 5G means more opportunities for digital industries, and the 5G network will provide reliable and predictable network environment applications industry, which in turn will keep pace with the demands of diverse industries and deterministic. Alliance deterministic 5G network aims to unite industry partners in promoting open cooperation between the upstream and downstream players, incubation best practices in applications of industry and the promotion of healthy and sustainable development of the industry, « – commented Jilin Shi, chairman of a key product line network in a cloud Huawei. See also: Infrastructure 5G will be the engine of the fourth industrial revolution [INTERVIEW] »See also: Diplomacy fifth generation to Huawei» Companies China Mobile, China Unicom, China Telecom and other industry partners, including China Media Group, State Grid Jiangsu Electric Power Company, Country Garden Holdings, Guangzhou Public Transportation Group and Haier shared practices and industry applications solutions, thus presenting a wide range of possibilities and strength 5G solutions in various industries. « Networks of the future will give users access to tens of billions of secure, intelligent connections and services in time and space.

They will become an integral part of our social life « – commented Liu Yun Jie, a researcher with the Chinese Academy of Engineering. The scientist also appealed to industry partners to create a platform based on a deterministic network alliance 5G innovation base and industry to establish mutual cooperation in order to explore business models giving mutual benefit and promote the development of future networks. During the summit, Huawei and more than 30 industry partners together form an alliance held a ceremony deterministic network 5G innovation and industry base. Establishment of the alliance will open a new chapter in the development of 5G and 5G accelerate the commercial deployment and development of industrial applications. By joining forces, members of the alliance to take full advantage of diverse opportunities and deterministic network 5G, and also offer innovation industry to develop more innovative solutions and applications 5G. According to data from the Ministry of Agriculture on August 16, the estimated value of the loss is 2 billion 15 million zł, the data are not conclusive because most committee.

Estimation of losses has not completed the work. In total, the commission was set up in 2089, so far 288 have cast protocols committees ie. A little more than 10 percent. Injured by the disaster is 147.1 thousand. farms. Damage to crops was reported in the area of ​​2 million 582 thousand. hectares, including more than 227 thousand. hectares of crops were destroyed in more than 70 percent (the largest such farms located in West Pomerania and Lublin) .See also: How to rewrite a farm close person? »Most defeat took its toll in the province. Wielkopolska, where drought caused damage on the surface of 625.6 thousand. ha in the province.

Warmia-Mazury – 487.9 thousand. ha and Pomeranian – 423 thousand. ha, and there also are the biggest losses. The smallest loss was recorded in the province. Opole. So far, a small loss is shown in the province. Mazowieckie, but there were only 6 of 283 completed works committee.

Currently, the estimated losses are on the surface of approx. 6.5 thousand. ha and 559 households are affected. Currently, practically harvest in many parts of the country have been completed. However, the drought persists. According to recent data from the Institute of Soil Science and Plant Cultivation (IUNG) drought still affecting western part of the country – mainly Lubuskie, and Greater zachodniopomorskie.zobacz also MARD: Surcharge for farmers entitled drought, where the damage is above 30 percent. »Agriculture Minister Jan Krzysztof Ardanowski in TVP Info said on Thursday that the ministry is waiting for the minutes of estimating losses to start the payment of aid to farmers.

He added that he would like to see such assistance could begin at the beginning of September. They will be able to use it farms whose losses exceed 30 percent. For that purpose, the government wants to allocate 800 million zł. Operator provides many premium services. Among them they were such as « Chat sociable. » Many people aktywowało service, without being aware of it. After receiving a high bill complaints consisted of Polkomtel. This would send the dissatisfied customers to external entities.

He does not, however, gave their names, making it difficult to reach them. « In this way he could suggest that it was these entities, not Polkomtel provide the service and may examine the complaint. This may hinder the investigation subscribers of their rights « – sees the OCCP in a statement. Doubts raised Authority also Polkomtel lack of control over how the entities with which it cooperates, comply with their obligations. Since the operator charges a fee for mediating between the service provider and the consumer, who chose this particular operator – the entrepreneur must monitor. Otherwise, you can talk about the breach of the due diligence in providing premium services to its abonentów.zobacz also Polkomtel under the microscope of the OCCP. As for premium text messages »Officials also emphasize that the issues related to Premium SMS is not only one operator.

OCCP within the framework of the investigation looks at the practices of other entities. Also encourages consumers to inform about irregularities. For this purpose, it was established a special e-mail address Dissatisfied consumers should send him the number of the pay received information, the content of SMS, service name (if known), and the content response to the complaint, which gave the operator. In recent months, the campaign against irregularities in the market for premium SMS also announced the Ministry of Digitization. This is the result of failure to comply with the part of the operators concluded in 2011.

Self-called « table without edges ». Member of the board is at least one partner. Member of the board may also be a third party. So from 1 March 2019. Article will be sounded. 97 p. 3 of the Commercial Companies Code, concerning the company’s partnership.

The amendment shall enter into force together with the so-called. SME package (Journal of Laws of 2018. pos. 2244). According to experts, it is at best unnecessary. Sooner and harmful.

The company for free men Source: DGP idea ustawodawcy- I do not understand why the legislator introduces the requirement that a board member of a partnership must have at least one partner – admits Professor. Michal Romanowski, head of the studio of capital market law University of Warsaw, a partner at the law firm Romanowski and Partners. In his opinion, such changes should serve a purpose, eg. Increasing safety obrotu.- Meanwhile, this change is good for nothing except difficulty for partners partner companies. As a result, wrong solution passed harmful – says prof.

Michael Romanowski.zobacz also: How to change the distribution of profits in the company »We asked several experts in company law, after which introduced the requirement that the partner was a board member of a partnership, if such a possibility for years, but not the obligation, did not bother anyone.